How can i benefit PapsCover warranty?

The reason why Papscover is of good quality is that it produces the products itself.

The products produced as a result of our technical drawings and tests should be applied as we describe.

Take photo

Do you think you have problems while applying?


Our technical support team can understand the problem from the photos and send you a new product :)

Create support request in 30 seconds.

Write with detailed images, order number and briefly the problem you are having.

The transaction is made based on the day and time of your support request.

So, after opening a support request, we have full responsibility, be relax.

Part of solution

Images and your problem will be examined and resolved.

You can be sure that we will do our best to have a unique PapsCover experience.

Come on, what are you waiting for to use PapsCover?

You can find more detailed information about warranty steps below.

PapsCover offers a warranty for the covers you bought.However, certain conditions must be valid in order to benefit from the warranty offered. The covers we produce are used for technical drawings, tests, etc. all the transactions are carried out by us completely and the conditions we have stated must be fulfilled in order to warranty.


The covering process should be carried out in the same order and operations according to the narration video specified for the covered device. Apart from the procedures described in the application video, if a product is tried to be applied with a different technique, absolutely no warranty will be offered. Applying the cover to the telephone sellers will still make you out of warranty.


If an error or defect is noticed during the coating process, that step should be photographed in detail.


Except for the images of the wrongly applied area, the visuals of the 4 edges, corners and back surface of the device should be photographed separately as proof.


By creating a Support Request:
Your Name Surname - Your Order Number - Your Problem in Brief - Your detailed visual images should be sent.


There can be 3 different results from your request:

1-) If an application error is detected despite the applying video, the same product will be sent only for the shipping fee.

2-) If it is determined that it is applied without applying video, free product will not be sent.

3-) Free products including cargo will be sent if it is found to be due to reasons that are not in your hands such as production error, cargo injury.

Support related to these situations is provided only through the "Support Request" in the solution center. The call center, social media platforms or WhatsApp Support Line cannot approve new product submissions.

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