PlayStation 4Ps4 - Kırmızı
PlayStation 4Ps4 - Kırmızı

Ps4 - Rugged Red Skin (ps4kir)

Discount Rate : %17 OFF
Price : $30.00
Discounted : $25.00

Protect against scratches! Scratching your Gaming Console is no longer in question.

It is easy to apply. You can watch how it is applied in our detailed application videos.

It doesn’t leave bubbles. All skins has an adhesive technology that eliminates bubbles. You can easily get rid of it by pushing the bubbles.

You can easily remove it. It does not leave sticky marks after removal. It can be easily cleaned.

It is measured exactly according to your Gaming Console model and produced with a perfect cutting workmanship.

Feature your Gaming Console in the environment you use.
Use in harmony with all your devices!



If you are going to apply it for the first time, you don't need to be afraid! Photograph the problem you experienced while applying and send it to us via our whatsapp support line. You can be sure that we will help you with everything! Just make sure it is within 7 working days after placing the order.

Models may differ from 5% to 10% color tone because they are actually. Different areas of the pattern may coincide with patterned models. 
If you want to see more clearly how it actually looks, look our YouTube videos or Instagram posts

When applying your Paps, you must watch related video about your device.


How To Apply?


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Shipping Info
Orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days on average. Your cargo tracking number will be sent as a mail within an average of 12 hours after your order is shipped.

Do not apply without watching the application video!If you have problems while applying, you can take detailed images and send them to us via the Support Center.

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